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Do’s and Don’ts For Your SEO Campaigns

Do’s and Don’ts For Your SEO Campaigns

Do's and Don'ts For Your SEO Campaigns

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is optimizing the website to boost the ranking on the search engine results page(SERP). There are different web crawlers or "spiders" of various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and they are constantly looking for indexing the websites.

When one Google something, they are not accessing the internet, but rather browsing the websites indexed by Google. The websites on Google are arranged according to the keyword relevance, which is computed by special search engine algorithms to determine the importance of each web page.
In the contemporary era, businesses have realized the importance of ranking higher on the search engine results page as it boosts the traffic and visibility across target audiences. The scenario has led more businesses to go for SEO and invest in SEO campaigns. It is majorly seen in companies that have a higher stake in expanding their online presence.
It is mandatory to have extensive knowledge of how search engines work as it is essential for an effective SEO campaign.
Following are some of the Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind-

What you should do

Content Management

Effective Content is the key to a successful SEO campaign. Different types of content including text, pictures, videos, audios, Infographics should be planned. This assists in seamless and measurable step-by-step traffic growth on the website.
One should look for content writers who are well-versed with the native writing style. One who is having good command and is aware of the pattern as only a good content writer knows how SEO writing works. They can make use of the keywords and webpage space optimally.
Quality and quantity must be maintained at equal balance while planning.

Featured Snippets

Google Featured Snippet is the content that is displayed on top of the results page which provides the essence of the information requested. Direct focus towards developing the web pages that have all the essential ingredients can help you earn "Featured Snippets" while planning.

  • Enhance organic traffic-
  • Effective planning and management are the keys to enhance organic traffic. Proper planning requires measurable sales goals and actionable items that are driven by effective strategies. Hence, it is required to have a separate budget for premium tools like AhrefS, SEMRush, and Moz that can advance your SEO campaign.

  • Using Barnacle SEO Approach
  • Focusing on the "Barnacle SEO approach" is useful and it should be a major part of the campaign for the first three months. It generally means taking advantage of the highly ranked websites to upgrade your presence on the internet and generate brand equity. This makes the homepage more powerful, dynamic and then the rest follows.

    What you shouldn’t do

  • Never do over-commitment to the client
  • Quoting the clear figures and representing what you can do is best while presenting the plan to your client. Follow a crystal-clear approach as every industry’s target audience differs, so the number of people you can reach with your campaign should not be overstated. This requires extensive prior planning.

  • Avoid Overbacklinking
  • Doing more backlinks looks great but exceeding the numbers is harmful to the website. Google is the search engine that indexes the website and it no longer rewards the website with the maximum backlinks. Now preference is more given to quality rather than quantity and if the anchor text is not built naturally and appealingly, the website can be penalized. This can lead to a sudden drop in the ranking.

  • Better to hire experienced professionals
  • SEO is not an easy task and not a cup of tea for beginners as it demands an extensive apprehending of how search engines work making it a super-specialist domain. It is better not to waste money by investing in novice companies. Google is updated on a daily basis. The SEO campaign must be pliable enough to do the same.

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