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5 User Testing Stats Every UX/UI Designer

5 User Testing Stats Every UX/UI Designer

5 User Testing Stats Every UX/UI Designer

UX/UI design is an essential part of product design. The better the user experience, designers provide the closer you are to succeed. Investing in user experience leads to effective ROI. There are many booming trends that offer an excellent user experience. You need to impress your customers in one go.

The first visitor to your site will never return if they are not satisfied enough. Designers should be alert to integrate the right technology and method. They should be updated with the market trends. Moreover, a quality UX/UI design leads to smooth performance. One can ensure organic leads simply by modifying UI/UX design.
So why wait?
Let’s get into the details.
We initiated research and documented the most effective designing trends. In this blog, I will highlight the coveted technology to transform your business.

What is the Importance of UX Statistics?

Web design has become a challenging part of website design. If you target customer satisfaction, you need to deliver an interactive design. Statistics will guide to facilitate your journey. Gone are the days of manual customization. With AI, designers can offer a personalized design that is beyond human capabilities. Today, UX designers are under the limelight for having the superpower.

They can turn the entire game for you. The more skilled a designer is, the better your business will be. It can open up new possibilities for your brand.
Miracles do happen from a unique design. Good design covers branding and engages more customers. A good designer refers to one who is efficient in both UX and UI designing. However, there is no hard and fast rule for designing. It comes with experience and efficient skills.

What are the results of good user experience?

Sale structure

When your customers feel comfortable in operating your site, they start trusting you. In addition, it improves your existing sales pattern. UX design is a unique way to improve the sales rate.

Escalation of ROI

It is a great challenge for all businesses to evaluate investment plans. Every penny invested in UX design ensures double profit, if not triple.Small businesses can take the benefits of user-first design. It can improve ROI (Return on Investment) drastically. Moreover, it connects with the targeted audience.

Production Growth

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics submitted a report. It will be a 3% growth in demand for industrial UX designers.

Customer satisfaction

If your customers are satisfied, they will continue to choose you. Customer satisfaction is not an easy task to accomplish. However, with UX design, it becomes comparatively smooth.
All top organization concentrates on customer satisfaction. They understand the value of the customer.
Let’s not waste a minute and get into the stats.
This eye-opening statistics will surely influence you to work on UX design.
Let’s unveil the curtain!

1. 79% of users tend to vacant our site if they fail to find what they want

It is normal! Look at yourself first. Now take a tour about how many times you have done this. Get a reality check. Customer will find their comfort zone. They are not bound to shop with you. There are many competitors with an attractive design.

UX design is typically user-oriented. And your client’s decision is final. There is no other way except UX design, to impress them in the first place. Websites like eBay, IKEA have already set a high bar.
Have you ever left their website? I think you haven’t. The sleek design and mobile-friendly version have impressed you. Same goes for your business too. You must step on the customer’s shoes.
Another important fact, I must mention here. Brands like Amazon, eBay, they already have a great recognition; you may not have. Like a said before first impression matters! Follow their design layout. Don’t try to copy them. Be unique when you draft the design.
Here you go. 40% of your job is done.

2. 56% of total organic traffic Comes from mobile phones

Is your design mobile-friendly? If yes, you are ahead of 24% websites, that are not mobile-friendly. The smartphone penetration rate is at 45.4 per cent. Stats reported 50.48% traffic comes from mobile. In contrast, 46.51% generates from a desktop.

Thus, the result is simple. You got to shift to a mobile-friendly design. It is convenient for the customers to surf the site at any time. They can shop anything at just one touch. The usage of a portable device has increased drastically. Businesses should take the scope to find a better way. Change is constant! And the design must reflect the trends.Make sure to create the website easily accessible. However, neglecting desktop traffic is not a wise decision. Thus, you need to take care of both. 74% of online visitors expected to get back to you if it has good mobile UX.

3. The bounce rate is likely to increase 123% with loading Time

As per the report of Google, a site can take less than 1 sec loading time. 2 sec is the threshold for eCommerce. Google aims to score more in SERP, under half a sec loading time. It means, faster the website, better the SERP. It is an automated process.

You will be happy to hear that, UX design complements here. Most importantly, UX design is much to do with SEO. Thus, a designer should be fluent in delivering sleek design. It is a game-changing method. You can nail it if the designer is skilful.However, the bounce rate does not directly affect ranking. It indicates major problems of your site. If the visitors are frequently leaving, there must be a serious issue. You should consider fixing it. It can highly damage the conversion rate.Sit with your designing team. It’s high time to resolve this delicate issue.

4. Great user Interface boost Conversion rate by 200%

The counting doesn’t end here. Better UX design brings 400% increase in conversion rate. It’s that simple.

It’s not a matter of calculative sum. It is just a refined strategy. There is no better way to increase the conversion rate.Grab the best interface designer.Moreover, UX design takes care of ROI too. You can earn up to $100 in ROI, by just $1. Invest there that assure so much return. Now let’s take a tour at some latest trends.

5. 61% of all businesses adopted AI

AI is transforming businesses all over the world. It has put the footprint everywhere.With the introduction of Alexa and Siri, voice-based search has become very popular. Many companies are integrating the voice-based search. IoT connected devices are great at enhancing the standard of lives. AI can change the guidelines of UX design.

It fuels up the entire process. Artificial Intelligence can surpass all the limits and provides great chances beyond human capacity. This technology also erases away friction spots.AI assists in creating a design that calls attention. Moreover, it also provides simple and elegant design.

Where are the usability issues?

Usability denotes user’s accessibility while operating a website. Friction cast a huge impact. It prevents users from achieving their goal. It generally happens due to poor design and lack of skill. Fifty per cent survey reported uncovering usability issues assisted the most while testing. It is a crucial metric to consider. User testing represents common operations from the customers.For instance, for eCommerce website, we would test user’s action to find a purchase a product. Usability test gives one the chance to discover the problems. And, obviously, it helps to find a way to resolve the issues.

Impact of User Experience

70% of shoppers tend to abandon carts if the UX is not promising.

Areas to improve:

  • Highlight the Checkout button and make it accessible.
  • You need to speed up checkout time.
  • Choose to be transparent for pricing.
  • Skip unnecessary steps to ease the checkout process.
  • Never miss to include a refund policy.

Final Take

Make it a goal for frictionless UX design. In a nutshell, aim to make it simple, smooth and enticing. Take a quick recap of what should be done:

Focus on details.

  • Never negotiate with user experience.
  • Make your first impression memorable.
  • Do not make the design complex.
  • Be simple and elegant. Try not to make it messy.
  • Take the aid of AI.
With the changing face of the market, designing trend will be evolved. Stay updated and trending. Never miss the chance to integrate high-end technology if your business is lagging behind, because of UX/UI design. Get Expert’s help.
Rise up! Starts from today!

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